The Instruments of Russia’s and NATO’s Information Security Policies

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The challenges posed by the globalization of information space, removal of communication barriers in conditions of complete freedom of communication, require an adequate approach to ensuring information security of political systems of any state. Since a political system is vulnerable to information aggression, which manifests itself, as a rule, far from immediate, being as much as possible latent, today the study of the issues of information security of states is acutely relevant.
The effectiveness of information weapons is due to the fact that it affects human consciousness, affects the ways and forms of personal identification, transforms memory, creating a personality with programmed parameters (type of consciousness, artificial needs, forms of self-determination, etc.) that satisfy the requirements of an interested party and make the individual act in its interests. Some countries are now pursuing an aggressive information policy towards others, who in turn are forced to adopt a policy of defence against the information influence of others. Political and economic confrontation between states, and new crises in international relations may arise on this ground. Therefore, information security, information warfare and information weapons are now in the centre of global attention.

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