Linguistic Representation of Political Correctness in Political and Social Newspaper Texts

Размер: 0.36 МБ. Год создания 2021 Страниц: 76 Тип документа: дипломная работа Язык: английский

The aim of this research work is to reveal the linguistic features of the concept of political correctness, to determine the ways of expressing the phenomenon and to consider their features in English-language newspaper texts of political and social orientation. The research material of the study is presented by various English-language online editions, such as BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, etc.
As a result of the analysis, the main types of political correctness were identified: ethnic, gender and social; the ways of forming political correctness units were identified: affixation, suffixation, etc.
The issue is reflected in linguistics and related fields, translation, intercultural communication, journalism, etc.

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